"Pletcher and Bartolameolli are undisputed experts on the subject of co-sex addiction.  They know more about it than anyone I know and have presented  an expose that with great clarity supersedes anything I have read before."

– John Bradshaw

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seasons of Recovery and Transformation

This is a season of humility. Humility is knowing who I am, the truth of the matter. Years ago, I thought humility meant being meek, quiet and weak. I often recall the large portrait in the principal's office of the catholic school that I attended. It was Jesus, small in frame and looking docile and compliant. He carried a lamb on his shoulders. This was my association to humility.

Years later, a spiritual teacher of mine told me that humility is not being a doormat, it was standing in the truth of the situation. Like being in reality and not pretending. Knowing my greatness and power and yet also knowing that I have choice over my own behavior, but not control over others. Humility also means knowing my place in relationship to Divine Source and remembering that as much recovery and healing and transformational work that I engage in, there is still a Power greater than myself and an order to the Universe that must be honored and respected. Humility gives me perspective.

Recently I heard again the phrase that we have a reprieve from our dis-ease based upon our spiritual condition. I feel humility when I hear this because it reminds me that no matter how many 12 step meetings I attend, how many weekend workshops I participate in or lead and no matter how much I learn and grow over time in my own spirituality, there is a Power greater than myself. Surrendering to this Divine Source is necessary for me to manifest my dreams and my Destiny and Divine purpose in the world. Maintaining a fit spiritual condition keeps me connected to my guides, my intuition and the inspiration and courage to manifest my dreams of service in the world.

I am grateful, at the end of another year of spiritually maturing within my 12 step program, to be reminded of the necessity for a fit spiritual condition in order to maintain a sense of humility and purpose.

Blessings to all in the coming year,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forgive and Remember

The word remember has a Latin base which means to be mindful. It is a good thing to be. Mindfulness requires presence.In mindfulness, we are aware and conscious.

We've often also heard the term forgive and forget. I assert to forgive and remember is even better.Not that forgive and forget isn't something to strive for and attempt to achieve, it is. I think, however, that forgiving and remembering is even more of a challenge and quite honestly, more noble as well. To be mindful of what someone did, the transgression or betrayal perpetrated and still to forgive, well, this is truly a worthy act. If I stay fully present to a hurtful act and still forgive the individual, there is maturity and sophistication here and perhaps, it is the greatest shield from inviting the offense a second or third time. We remember our lesson learned and navigate through relationships with additional wisdom and seasoning.

So, while forgiving and forgetting is a worthy cause, forgiving and remembering is an act of great courage and love. It implies knowing full well and choosing kindness and love. It's quite honestly a step above and beyond forgetting and brings us fully into mindfulness and choice.

If you have struggled with the notion of forgive and forget as I have and questioned your moral values, then take comfort. Perhaps you knew all along that there was a better way where you could honor your intuition and experience and still enjoy the benefits of high ideals. Forgive and remember brings the wisdom of the experience with you as your teacher and allows for a mindful interaction with those who have hurt you.

Take heed. You are not alone.



Monday, December 1, 2008

Having had a spiritual awakening....

I want my spiritual awakening to be complete, constantly enlightening, forever inspiring and full of joy and fulfillment from the moment I awake to the moment I sleep at night. It's like this spiritual awakening juice becomes a commodity and I want more and more and more and more, without having to put forth effort. This is an aspect of my dis-ease and my wounded story. Often, caught unexpectedly, I can fall into the emptiness inside and without conscious thought, begin to try to fill it up with many different things. I also mistakenly belief that more is better and so even this spiritual juice can become something I crave like too much sugar or alcohol. I resist the responsibility, daily discipline of a spiritual practice. I also resist the truth that to whom much is given, much is expected. Sometimes I want to hide out and not be expected to do anything. I especially do not want to submit to the daily discipline of a spiritual life and take responsibility for this spiritual awakening.

With my spiritual awakening comes responsibility. Recently, I've been challenged with some health issues. When I've looked at the metaphysical causes of these issues, I notice it is about letting go of the old and welcoming the new; moving forward from a child's beliefs and thinking to an adult perspective. This fits my spiritual soul work right now. I can see how my physical body and soul body are so fully connected.

When we surrender to a Higher Calling and Purpose, there will be responsibility. As we attend to our dis-ease and live more in our health and empowerment, our spiritual work becomes clearer and clearer. We have eyes to see and ears to hear and it calls forth our spirits from deep within.

Having had a spiritual awakening means we have a responsibility to keep ourselves spiritually and physically sound and present to Divine guidance. It requires us to have a higher level of care and responsibility for ourselves and for others. Our hearts become more keen to the pain of others. Our soul becomes more clear to our own purpose and divine destiny. Our minds and intuition develop precision that assist us in our focus and intention for good.

Be aware of what you ask for~having had a spiritual awakening~as this comes with responsibility and discipline.