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Friday, July 19, 2013

Being Present

 One of the things that I remind myself and others of often is that pain is a great teacher. In our pain, we develop greatness of Spirit, if and only if we embrace our pain from a place of power, not victim mentality and allow ourselves the gift of community so that we are witnessed in love. In our victim mentality,, we become attached to seeing ourselves and outside circumstances from a particular viewpoint and in doing so, familiarity becomes comfortability. Even though the familiar viewpoint keeps us stuck and without our personal power and choice, it is preferable to acting in power and conscious choice, as the outcome of acting in this way are unfamiliar to us.

   When we embrace our emotional states and allow ourselves to be fully present, we experience a sacred connection: to self, Spirit and others. Our pain, sadness, shame and fear will teach us much if we find the courage to embrace these emotions.  If we are driven consciously or unconsciously by feelings that we simply want to avoid, we end of losing the precious ability to be fully present in the each moment. Sadness, anger, fear, joy and shame can drive us to avoid, medicate or numb ourselves and our bodies, spirits and relationships will suffer. When we breathe deeply, trust our spiritual connection and community and let ourselves be present in the moment, we learn that our feelings are just feelings, not facts, and that we have a choice about how we hold them. We can let the wisdom of our emotions inform us, teach us and guide us in healthful actions in our daily lives. In this awareness and being emotionally present, we have choices for caring well for ourselves: physically, spiritually and emotionally, as well as letting go of the past, creating our future and enjoying the privilege of being in the moment.

  If the emotion feels overwhelming, we learn to ask for help. Remember the origin of the word, "emotion" means "to move." The implication is a flow or movement in energy. We begin to feel stuck when we "shut-down" our feelings rather than embrace and allow to move through us. This is where support and community make a difference.

  Being present, fully present, means embracing our pain which in turn deepens our connection to joy. Being witnessed, experiencing the support of community and developing deep emotional intelligence is the key to a full life, filled with meaning, purpose and service. 

Blessings and love to you all, 



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