"Pletcher and Bartolameolli are undisputed experts on the subject of co-sex addiction.  They know more about it than anyone I know and have presented  an expose that with great clarity supersedes anything I have read before."

– John Bradshaw

Monday, December 19, 2011

Having had a spiritual awakening....

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we carried this message to others and practiced this principles in all areas of our lives.....

What a gift our 12 step program offers us. It is a promise that is made and kept when we surrender ourselves to the discipline of the 12 steps. In experiencing a "spiritual awakening" we are able to see a transformation in our own lives and we begin to understand what it means that our pain can make a difference in the lives of others as we share our experience, strength and hope.

Today I know that practicing these principles in all areas of my life means that I can use the steps to deepen my joy and authentic connection with others.

One of the most important principles and steps I use to create authentic intimacy in my life is Making Amends. When I notice that I have hurt someone else or have an upset in my relationships with others, I look inside to see my part. Where have I contradicted my own value system, given unsolicited advice, become attached to an outcome or not been honest and open?

When I am able to "own my part" in any difficulty with another, I am able to experience the freedom that comes from self-responsibility and emotional maturity. Regardless of the other person's ability to be rigorously honest or take responsibility for their part in the relationship, taking responsibility for my part provides joy and freedom for myself.

Blessings on your journey of practicing all these principles in your own life!