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– John Bradshaw

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tension, Birth and 12 Step Spirituality

     Tension seems to be the topic today in my spiritual journeying and I know that tension is an essential aspect of birth. My daughter turned 19 years old a few days ago and in recalling my birthing experience with her, I remember the tension as well. Sometimes I wish that I could have the same commitment, focus and clarity in the spiritual tension that I experience today that I had during labor with her. I remember the blissful exhaustion I felt with her coming but did not once lose my focus or intention for assisting her arrival. I knew that I would keep her near me and I was in charge of where she was at all times. My focus and intentions were clear and my actions aligned with them.

    In striving to have this same focus today in my business life as I birth a new aspect of my business, I am again aware of the tension I experience. The origin of the word tension means to "be stretched" and I experience this stretching internally and externally. Without the clear intended outcome however, I'm not sure where I should be going. When this happens in any area of my life today, I try to recall that "feeling stretched" is part of birthing and connecting spiritually will help me to regain my focus. The 12 steps as guides for living assist me here as well. While being in labor with a child has a clear intended outcome to focus on, life doesn't always have that level of precision. Connecting with a Power greater than myself, surrendering what tension I am experiencing in my life and opening to the guidance of Spirit are actions I can take to help focus the tension I experience. Clarity will come in time. Tension will guide me to the desired outcome as I continue to surrender and trust the process.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Honoring our Character Defects

In 12 step spirituality, we take note of our character defects. By working with a sponsor and doing step work, we learn "our part" in the conflicts and difficulties with others in our lives. It is powerful and emotionally mature work to do. While we can not control another's behavior, we begin to see our options for our own behavior. We learn new practices to enhance our spiritual connection, communication skills to learn honesty and boundary setting and understand self-care. 

Our "character defects" were ways that we survived dysfunctional systems. In some ways, we should appreciate however we learned to navigate some of the challenges we had growing up. Now, we can see our "character defects" has brilliant ways to survive and look strategically at whether or not they continue to serve us in adult life. 

With gentleness and great compassion, we can honor our own ingenious ways to survive and remind ourselves we have new choices today. Choice that spring from a depth of self-love, self-care and self-forgiveness. From this fullness of Divine connection within ourselves, we make choices that honor our values today. We give to others out of fullness and have an abundance of energy to pursue our life's purpose and dreams. 

Who knew our character defects were really our gifts of survival. Today we can be grateful for all it. 

Blessings on your journey,


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