"Pletcher and Bartolameolli are undisputed experts on the subject of co-sex addiction.  They know more about it than anyone I know and have presented  an expose that with great clarity supersedes anything I have read before."

– John Bradshaw

Monday, June 21, 2010

Abundance and Community

In my prayer and meditation this week, I've had the sense that my Spirit Guides and Soul Partners are gathering as women, representing Sacred Feminine Energy. I am breathing deeply and doing what I can to remain open to their teaching. In our wounded patriarchal culture and conditioning, believing in the Sacred Feminine perspective is challenging. I am required to allow my perspective to be transformed and my way of doing things to take on a whole new form.

Rather than "ranking" and categorizing, I invite embracing and seeing the value of the whole. In the Sacred Feminine Perspective, there is unity of significance in all.

In the patriarchal view, there is winning and losing; right and wrong. In the Sacred Feminine view, all have value. It is so challenging for me to give up the right and wrong and ranking of views.

Today, I work at keeping my focus on myself and trusting all people, places, things, institutions and relationships to a Higher Power. As I keep my focus on self, I pay special attention to any inspirations or intuitions that come to me from my Higher Power that offer care to another. I trust the community of abundant resources available to me on this journey.

Blessings and love,


Friday, June 11, 2010

Letting go and Embracing....

Letting go of our old ways of thinking and behaving can be challenging. I think that many of us pray and speak of our desire for growing and learning and moving on, but few actually allow for the releasing of old beliefs to welcome this growth. What is familiar, even when it no longer serves us, is difficult to give up. Venturing into the "unfamiliar" territory of new and different belief systems and behaviors is discombobulating. Here are some practices to assist in releasing the old and welcoming the new:

1. Keep in mind that it will be uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable so learn to find comfort with this discomfort. It's part of the spiritual journey of transformation.

2. Allow your own grief and fear to be expressed during the transition. Even though "old ways of behaving" are not the behaviors that align with our current values, they were ways we survived. These old behaviors are probably responsible for keeping us alive and helping us to survive in difficulty situations. It is okay to have grief in letting them go. It is also normal and healthy to experience some "fear" as we venture into the unknown of new behaviors. Acknowledging these feelings and allowing them to be as they are, moves them more quickly through our energy systems and leaves space for the new.

3. Seek assistance and support from empowering and understanding sources. We all need communities and individuals that support us in our growth and transformation. On occasion, those closest to us may be "threatened" by our behavior change when we change the "familiar" patterns of relating to them. This is important to notice and to also be able to speak about in the circles that do support our continuing maturation. Support and ongoing community connection with like-minded individuals is essential.

4. A vibrant prayer and meditation practice is also essential in our spiritual journey. Consistency, even if it is 5 minutes of quiet meditation a day, is important in this spiritual journey. As we spend time nourishing our relationship/s with our Spiritual Source, we develop a trusting, wise connectedness that is our foundation for all that we express in the world as we live out our Divine Purpose and Passion.

Blessings in your journey,


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Character Defects.....

I am always curious about the origin of words. I looked up the word, "defect" and it lead me to the word "fail" which then led me to the word "deceive." When we speak about "character defects" in our 12 step or personal growth work, I can see how a "defect" would be a way to "deceive" either myself or someone else. My character defects are a defense, a way to protect myself and a survival behavior. For me, becoming willing and ready to have my character defects removed can be a momentous and frightening occurrence. My character defects and behaviors are there as a protection, a shield and placed there initially for good reason. Learning to surrender them and welcome another way of being in the world and in relationships with others, is an act of great courage and faith. I want to have compassion for myself during this transition and bring a kind heart and understanding mind.

As I approach an honest awareness of my own character defects, it makes sense that I would need to have a strong and vibrant spiritual connection as well. Letting go of defenses and protective ways of surviving and navigating relationships leaves us open to being hurt, to being vulnerable to the unknowns of human interactions. In order to be willing to release my familiar and comfortable ways of protecting myself, I must be willing to explore unfamiliar and uncomfortable ways being vulnerable to the risk of human connection.

Here are some behaviors and practices for embracing and releasing our character defects:

1. Spend time deepening a spiritual connection with a Higher Power. This relationship will be a great comfort and support as we let go of the familiar ways of being and venture out into the vibrancy of a new way of being. This relationship with a Higher Power will provide the security to risk and do relationships differently.

2. Allow yourself the human experience of making mistakes, of feeling frightened and of moving slowly. Letting go of old behaviors is a courageous act. See it as such. Acknowledge your smallest victories and be forgiving in your set-backs.

3. Share your experiences, your fears, your victories and challenges with others on the journey who are able to meet you with understanding and witness you with great compassion. Trust your intuition around choosing trustworthy people.

4. Trust the process and keep your heart open. Life is full of hurt, especially when we risk new behaviors. Allowing ourselves to step into the unknown and embracing the mystery of life opens to the possibility of miracles and a deeper connection to self and others.

Thank you for your great courage on this journey. Together we can venture into the unknown with great holding and care.

Lovingly, Sally